Like staying at your grandmother's in the country side. The building is retro, but we do serve world class crab dishes.


Centrally located and perfect for walking around to all the public outdoor hot springs. The inn is everything but fancy, an old fashioned 3 story wooden building with only the basic of facilities. We are known as the oldest looking inn with a bit of a retro fragrance. Even so, half of the travelers to our inn have become regular guests and thanks to them our simple little inn has thrived.
Our main selling point is our cuisine. Especially our individually prepared rich meals that use freshly caught seafood from the local market. Each meal's quality and quantity are sure to satisfy any guest.
Also, we treat our guests like family. Giving them the feeling like they are staying over at their favorite grandmother's house in the country. In fact the majority of our staff are grandmothers and mothers from the area. Our simplicity may not be ideal for some, but we encourage anyone to give us a try. Who knows, you might fall in love with our simple little inn.

  • World class crab cuisine. (Pictured:Salt Encrusted Crab, a rare dish that brings out the full flavor of the crab)

  • Front of Kazan building. All rooms are Japanese style with bidet toilets. Public bath uses 100% natural spring water.

  • Front of Tsuruki building. All rooms are Japanese style with bath and bidet toilets. A higher class style.

  • Family run, our staff is always smiling and waiting to give you a warm welcome. A small inn with a feeling of family.

Ryokan information
Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00
Address・contact information・facility HP
Address :701 Yushima , Kinosaki-cho , Toyooka-city , Hyogo

Phone Number:0796-32-2911

Facility HP:
Room types
Western style rooms (0)  Japanese style rooms ()  Western/Japanese style rooms (0) 
Room features
Main Bldg: 10 Japanese style room no restroom/bath/veranda, Bldg.Kazan: 10 Japanese style rooms with bidet restroom. Bldg.Tsuruki: 6 Japanese style rooms with veranda, bath, bidet restroom. All rooms have T.V., A/C unit, refrigerator. Playstation rental available.
Meals served in guest room
Breakfast:Yes  Dinner:Yes
Private/Reserved dining in hall
Breakfast:No  Dinner:No
Hot spring
Hot spring:Yes  Family(private) bath:Yes  Open air(outdoor bath):No  Open air(outdoor bath) in guest room:No
Baths explanation
Bathing hours: 3pm~12am, 5am~9:30am.
All buildings (Main, Kazan, Tsuruki) use 100% natural spring water. The public hot springs bath in our hotel is normal tile, but you can feel the distinct thickness and scent of the natural hot spring water against your skin. Guests are welcomed and encouraged to experience the "true nature" of Kinosaki's hot spring water. There is one public bath in the main building(1st floor) and two in the Kazan building(2nd floor) that can be used for private bathing for families. There are also 2 public baths in the Tsuruki building(1st and 2nd floor) that can also be used for private bathing. These baths can not be reserved, instead you are welcome to use them when they are open and lock the door for privacy, but please be courteous of the other guests who also wish to use the baths.
Y Small towel Y Body wash
Y Hair dryer Y Bidet
Y Toothbrush,Toothpaste Y Soap
Y Down comforter N Hair brush,Comb
Y Large towel Y Yukata
Y Shaver Y Shampoo(Shampoo/Conditioner)
N Shower cap Y Conditioner
Other Amenities
Bath towel, face towel, toothbrush set, yukata (cotton kimono) can be found in the guest room.
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, bar soap, shavers, hair dryer, and other bathroom amenities can be found in the rooms with a bath.
Guest parking, Vending machine, Shop, Body care service, Air purifier, Humidifier
Copier, Fax, Postal service
Facility information
Massage service(extra charge), concierge services for golfing, tennis, para-gliding, and fishing boat charters. Majong(rental fee), karaoke in our banquet hall(extra charge), shoji/go games(free), hotel shuttle (There is a carpool bus that leaves from the Kinosaki train station. The bus is normally parked right in front of the station, look for a colorful bus that says "around the KINOSAKI SPA". Tell the driver that you are staying at the Yanagi Sou. The shuttle is free and runs until 6pm. After 6pm please call our hotel directly for a shuttle to pick you up. The inn is about 8 minutes from the station.)
There is also a large banquet hall (about 68m^2) and coffee corner.
3 parking lots. (It's free parking until you check-out)
Credit cards accepts
No credit cards are accepted