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Local Cuisine with 2 Tajima Beef Dishes and Grilled Rosy Seabass

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 10:00

There are 5 different rooms in this Ryokan, you can stay relaxed. A cuisine cooked by the chef as well as the owner is popular. We have many repeat visitors, so it's better to stay weekdays. There are 2 different reservable baths for free. You can take baths outside the Ryokan as many times as you want after you check-in. Free wi-fi available.

Local cuisine with 2 Tajima beef dishes and a rosy seabass.
You can choose your preferred 2 Tajima beef dishes from Tajima beef steak, beef nigiri sushi or roasted beef on bowl of rice (see photos below)
This plan includes private bath, colorful yukata for female guests, free pass to seven public hot spring baths.

-Dinner Menu-

Assorted appetizer (5 kinds)
Fresh sashimi seafood caught on the day (3 kinds)
your preferred 2 Tajima beef dishes (Tajima beef steak, beef nigiri sushi or roasted beef on bowl of rice.
Local crab (half)
Grilled Rosy Seabass
Daily special fish dish
Seasonal deep fried dish

-Both dinner and breakfast menus are subject to change.
-Both meals are served in your room. (There is a case that meals are served in another dining room depending on the number of guests.)
*If you are a group with more than 4 people, we might ask you to have dinner at dinning room instead of your room.
-All the rooms are with spacious washroom.
-Free colorful Yukata for women.
-Free 2 indoor baths for private use. (15:00-24:00/6:00-9:30)
-Free admission ticket for baths outside the Ryokan.
-Free WiFi available

  • Tajima beef steak bite

  • Tajima beef nigiri sushi

  • roasted beef on bowl of rice with grated yam potato

  • boiled half-sized crab caught at local port

Additional fee notice
* We're sorry, but we don't accept children.
* Credit card is Not available. Only accept cash.
About service fees and taxes
The price is included tax and a service charge.
Toyooka City Bathing Tax/Bathing Fees

This is a tax levied on bathing guests. It is a special purpose tax to cover the expenses required for tourism promotion and the protection and management facilities for mineral spring sources and firefighting facilities. The mineral spring bathhouse owner becomes responsible for the special collection and collects it from the bathing guests.

Until March 31, 2023 (per person)
Bathing tax
┗All wards Adults 150 yen Children are tax exempt

Bathing fees
┣Yushima Ward Adults 210 Yen Children 105 yen
Outside the area Adults 230 yen Children 115 yen

After April 1, 2023 (per person)
Bathing tax
L All wards Adults 150 yen Children are tax exempt

Bathing fee
Yushima Ward Adults 280 yen Children 140 yen
↓ Out of the ward Adult 300 yen Child 150 yen
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 0:00 3 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation