Inside we've created soothing surroundings with sunken fireplaces and a salon.


【Free private bath with outdoor hot spring tour pass】 Plan can enjoy Tajima's seasonal ingredients! 【Check out 11:00】

Dinner and breakfast included

Check-in: 15:00 ~
Check-out: ~ 11:00

A 6 minute walk from Kinosaki train station. Set back one street from Kinosaki's main road in a quiet and calm setting. A 3 minute walk to Jizo no Yu and Yanagi no Yu. While staying with us you will be given free admission tickets to the outdoor public hot spring baths, you are welcome to enter the baths as many times as you wish.

We do not have public bath.

The majority of the rooms are Japanese style, with a few specialty rooms that are a modern fusion of Japanese and western style or purely western style.

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Tajima Kaiseki(traditional Japanese multi-course dinner) to enjoy the taste of Tajima's ingredients. (Dishes example)

Tajima Kaiseki, the traditional Japanese multi-course dinner can enjoy the taste of Tajima's ingredients.

The most recommended kaiseki cuisine of Kinsui. Enjoy the abundant ingredients in Tajima! A place surrounded by a variety of mountains and seas. Seasons ingredients are carefully arranged and cooked by the chef.

[Supper menu example]
Sashimi combination platter
Vinegared food
Grilled seasonal fish
Seasonal hot pot

The ingredients and menus will change depending on the season.

  • Seasonal seafood sashimi combination platter.
    It is a sashimi of seasonal fish, shrimp or shellfish harvested locally.

  • Seasonal hot pot!
    Looking forward to different seasonal ingredients, let's enjoy the seasonal hot pot.

  • 【Breakfast】
    A Japanese breakfast will be served from 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.

  • Take a walk around the hot spring town. Of course, it is free to visit the specialty outdoor hot springs of Kinosaki Onsen! Enjoy the hot springs together with the private bath in the hall ♪

Additional fee notice
*There is a JPY1620 extra charge for all children for using the inn\\\'s facilities.
**For groups of 8 people or more there is the option to use the dinning hall, however there are instances that the dinning hall is not available. Please inform us ahead of time of large groups.
Check out is 10 o`clock, if you over the time, you need to pay 1000yen every 30 min.
About service fees and taxes
*There is a JPY350 extra charge for service fees and hot spring taxes. Consumption taxes are already included.

*Guests wanting to use the beauty salon Saika are asked to view its home page for more information. Guests are asked to call the salon after making reservations for the inn. Be aware that the salon may not have nay openings for your desired time.
Internet cancellation
Cancellations are taken 22:00 2 days

Reservation inquiry or cancellation