LOCATION: Kyotango, Kyoto pref.; 45km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by train (Amino Sta.) and bus or car.


One night lodging without meal (NOT covered by the Go To Travel Campaign)

Lodging with no meals

Check-in 15:00〜
Check-out 〜10:00

Family-run inn Totoya is located in Kyotango, just 50 meters from the beach and just 16.1 km from Yuhigaura Onsen. The rooms have great views of the rustic landscape of pine trees and the beach. You can feel natural wind flow that makes your time go slow and peaceful.

A charm of this inn is its hospitality. Okami (lady boss) is enthusiastic and dedicated to help guests have a memorable time. There are a lot of unique activities you can try like making Barazushi art, trying on Tango chirimen silk kimono, boat tour exploring the coast of San’in kaigan geo park, or agriculture experience (harvesting rice and planting trees).

We like to take pride in our crab cuisine that is served year round. All of our seafood is caught fresh in the local harbor, among the catch is Taiza crab red snow crab. Crabs we serve are chosen and bought directly by the owner’s wife from crab auction. Totoya is definitely a great place to enjoy peaceful countryside life time, away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

JR from Kinosaki Onsen Sta.
| (approx. 16 mins by train)
KTR Toyooka Sta.
| (approx. 45mins by Kyoto Tango Railway)

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Recommended for those who want to stay for both business and sightseeing. You can arrange your plan as you like. Wi-Fi available in the entrance hall. * No shuttle service is provided. Sorry for any inconvenience. * Enjoy fishing on the nearby beach. Feel free to ask for a rental fishing rod. * Natural hot spring is available until 11pm * There are cafe and bar (Closed once a week). Why not try our original Tango Sake and cocktails. * No dinner served with this plan, so please bring your own food to the inn. * There is an Izakaya dining “Ebisu” within walking distance (closed on Mondays). * Japanese-style pubs, Western-style restaurants are also available around the area. * Please let us get your futon bedding ready before your arriving. * Within walking distance to the gigantic andesite rock “Tateiwa Rock” bathing beach. You can get there with your swim-suite as there is no private house on the way there. * Kotohirama, 15 minutes, Taira beach 15 minutes, Takeno fishing port 15 minutes (by car) -Optional Activities- * Spring / Summer: The fixed-net fishing (early morning) Adult 4000 yen, Child 2,000 yen * July and August: Boat touring to the renowned “blue cave” “a cave of love” 2 people 1000 yen 3 people or more 1 person 4000 yen. Highly recommended for couples / female visitors. It is reputated as a wonderful power spot as the cave in Italia. * July and August: Totoya original sport fishing boat ‘Tobimaru Taxi’: Boarding fee Adult 3000yen, child 1500yen. (Reservation required) *Totoya is the inn where you can feel full of nature: Fashionable accommodation where artists get gather. We consider the most about our guests to have relaxing and precious time with Tango’s original cuisine and spacious stunning view of both the sea and mountains here, and also bring back home good memories. Would you like to take blessing of nature at the space where you can feel mixed wind from both seaside and mountain-side. Sharing the time with things made simply from trees and soil should be comfortable being a bit away from artificial things. We are a small inn like an art museum containing much Tango’s culture.

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Hot spring tax will be charged separately (JPN 150yen/pp)
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