How to Use the Onsen


Onsens are revered throughout Japan as the ultimate source of relaxation.
Here is our handy guide to enjoying your onsen experience like a local.

Welcome to the onsen
If you are staying at a ryokan in Kinosaki, you will receive a free pass to all the onsen. Please show this pass to the staff at the entrance and then remove your geta. You can leave your geta in the entrance.

For visitors that do not have a pass, please take off your shoes and place them in one of the shoe lockers located in the front. Then you can purchase a ticket either at the onsen’s front desk or at a vending machine next to the front desk.
Enter the changing rooms
Enter the bath area. When entering the bath area children should be escorted by an adult. Young children are also allowed to go into the opposite gender bath area if it is necessary.
Do not enter the wrong side.
The sides are color coded to make it easy.
Red curtains are for women and blue (sometimes purple) for men.
Inside the changing rooms
In the changing room, find an open locker, undress, and put all of your clothes, except for your small towel, inside. Lock the locker and put the key on your wrist.  Take the small towel with you into the bath area.
*Your ryokan will provide you with a large and small towel.
Clothes, including swimsuits and underwear, are not allowed to be worn in the bathing area and onsen.

Please leave your camera in your locker, no pictures are allowed. Please respect the privacy of fellow bathers.
Shower first
In the bath area find an empty shower area. Rinse off the stool and sit down. If you have already showered today, and are clean, you can just rinse off before getting into the bath.  If you have not showered today, please do so before entering the bath.
Please remain seated when using the showers.
Be careful where you spray your water.
Do not spray other people and be careful not to splash anyone else.
Sit back and relax
After you are done washing make sure you rinse off all of the soap and suds. Then rinse off your stool and your area. Now you can enter the baths.
If you have long hair, please tie it up so that it does not touch the water.
If you feel hot or light headed, slowly get out of the water and take a moment to cool down.
Keep your towel out of the water, you can put it on your head or off to the side.
Do not let your towel or hair touch the water.
No swimming, jumping, or diving in the water.
No climbing the walls.
Do not drink or eat in the onsen.
Do not shave or brush your teeth in or near the baths.
Please respect people’s space and don’t hog the bath area.
After your bath
After you are done bathing use your small towel to dry off a little before going back into the changing rooms.

Once back in the changing room dry off and get dressed. There are hair dryers provided for your use.

Hope you enjoyed your bath.
Do not leave the shower area without brushing off some of the excess water to avoid creating puddles and slippery areas in the changing room.
Post bath
Each onsen has a lounge area where you can rest, refresh and wait for your friends after your soak. Grab a drink from one of the vending machines to re hydrate after your hot bath. Try the strawberry or coffee milk, it’s very refreshing.
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