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~Summer deaming in Kinosaki Onsen~

The days are getting warmer as summer is fast approaching. There are many events and activities in Kinosaki Onsen throughout the summer season. Every weekday evening between the 24th July and the 24th August there are firework (hanabi) displays from 9pm (with the exception of the Obon holiday 10th-15th August). You can also enjoy a local festival with games, food, and stage shows.
If you`re a beach lover, you`re in luck. The beautiful Takeno beach is just a 10 minute train ride from Kinosaki Onsen. With soft white sands and crystal clear waters, you can have an enjoyable experience swimming in the Japan Sea.
There`s still time to book your accomodation for summer, but act quickly! You can book through our online booking system at Your summer dream is waiting for you!  
Lantern festival
The daily firework display
Kinosaki summer festival
Takeno beach, located just 10 minute train journey from Kinosaki Onsen.