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Try straw crafting in Kinosaki Onsen!

Fancy doing some arts and crafts during your stay in Kinosaki Onsen? The famous local craft is called Mugiwara Zaiku (straw craft).It is said that it was introduced to the region around 300 years ago when a craftsman from Tottori came to convalesce in Kinosaki Onsen. He started to stick coloured straw to frames and flutes and sold them to make money for his lodgings. You can try making mugiwara straw craft items such as fans, keychains, small boxes and so on at workshops in the Kinosaki Straw Craft Museum. They have a handy workshop guide written in English, so you can understand every step of the process and get the most out of the experience!
Mugiwara Zaiku traditional craft works
New English workshop guide.