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Winter Means Crab...Lots of It!

Winter in Kinosaki Onsen is quite a luxurious affair. Of course the Onsen (hot spring) water feels great when it`s cold and snowy outside, and your futon will feel extra warm and fluffy. But the main event has to be the food!

The winter specialty is Matsuba crab. Matsuba crab is a large crab which is fished between November and March, meaning its only available to be eaten during the winter season. Caught in the Japan Sea just ten minutes from Kinosaki Onsen, many Japanese tourists flock to Kinosaki during winter just to taste this ultra-fresh crab. There are even special day trip plans just to eat it! Matsuba crab is famous for being very sweet and soft. It is however very versatile and can be eaten in a number of ways such as shabu shabu, grilled or as sashimi. Having ultra-fresh seafood and stay in Onsen is very traditional and popular experience in winter season of Kinosaki Onsen.

Come and get a taste of winter in Kinosaki Onsen!


Matsuba crab, the winter specialty in Kinosaki Onsen
Matsuba crab can be eaten in a variety of different ways in Kinosaki Onsen.