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What are the health benefits of onsens?

What are the health benefits of bathing in onsens?

Onsen is the Japanese word for hot spring, sources of geothermally heated water which literally `spring up` in areas of volcanic activity. Japan (being very volcanically active) is covered with them.
There are supposedly two main aspects of onsen bathing which are good for the body:
  1. Heat. Relaxes muscles and accelerates the metabolism.
  2. Natural minerals. Mineral elements found in onsen water can be absorbed by the body and are said to improve health issues.
The Onsen in Kinosaki Onsen contain a wealth of minerals such as sodium, chloride and calcium. These elements are said to be good for fatigue, digestive issues, nerve and muscular pain, and bruising.
Other aspects such as water pressure and buoyancy are also said to be good for the body!
You can find out more about the different features of our 7 onsens here:
For more detailed information on how onsens can benefit health see the Japan Health and Research Institute website:
Goshono-yu, Kinosaki Onsen