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Lodging Name Seri
Reservation made on 2022-05-28 (Sat) *Listed time and date are set to Japan time.
Check-in Date 2022-01-24 (Mon) *Listed time and date are set to Japan time.
Plan Full Course of Brand Tsuiyama Crab Dinner Plan. (inc. free bath for private use) 
Room Type Comfortable Japanese style room (approx. 13m^2)
Nights Nights
Number of Rooms Rooms
*Please make a separate reservation if you want to reserve a different style room or plan.

Please select a payment method
Payment Methods

*This inn requires payment in full by credit card at the time of booking.
*If later you wish to cancel your reservation please do so via the website. Cancelations can be made by clicking on the "Reservation Confirmation" button. Cancelations via phone and email will not be accepted.
*If you chose to pay by credit and have canceled your reservation, it will take approximately one(1) to two(2) months for your refund to appear on your credit card account.

Please enter the number of people in your group.
1st room
Number of Guests staying Male
Children 7~12 years old
Children 0-6 years old (with meal and bedding)
Children 0-6 years old (with meal)
Children 0-6 years old (with bedding)
Children 0-6 years old (without meal and bedding)