Awarded "No.1 satisfied with dinner in kinki and hokuriku area in Mar. 2014 by a Japanese website for booking


An extensive room and expensive view from the room is popular.

Max capacity:2 ~ 6persons

"Japanese style room "BI"" Details

You can see cherry blosoms from the room. It's like a picture.

Max capacity:2 ~ 3persons

"Japanese style room "KAORI"" Details

The room has a relaxed atmosphere.

Max capacity:2 ~ 6persons

"Japanese style room "RAKU"" Details

A modern Japanese style room. You can come in and out to the garden.

Max capacity:2 ~ 4persons

"Japanese style room "MAI"" Details

A simple & modern Japanese room with a little garden.

Max capacity:1 ~ 2persons

"Japanese style room "IRODORI"" Details


Max capacity:1 ~ 4persons

"Japanese style room" Details

We're particular about details of the room. The room has a relaxed atmosphere only in Japanese style room.

* The picture is just an example.

Max capacity:1 ~ 5persons

"Modern Japanese style room." Details