In front of 'Ichi no Yu' open-air bath in the middle of Kinosaki Onsen, the inns wood gives off a warm feeling.


Guest rooms with view of the inn's garden are located on the first floor (2 rooms) and second floor(2 rooms). These rooms come with a restroom with a bidet.

Max capacity:1 ~ 4persons

"Japanese style room with garden view (13m^2)" Details

Japanese style room about 13m^2, this room does not have a restroom.

Max capacity:1 ~ 4persons

"Japanese style room 13m^2" Details

Room with restroom, approximate room size is 10 meters square.

Max capacity:1 ~ 2persons

"About 10 meter square room with restroom" Details

From the room guests can gaze upon the town scape and willow lined street. Guests can indulge in the traditional feel of Kinosaki. This room does not come with a restroom

Max capacity:1 ~ 2persons

"Japanese style room with view of willow tree lined street (13m^2)" Details