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Daikai Street is the main street of downtown Toyooka and a great place to find cafes, restaurants, boutiques and more.

Shopping on Daikai Street
Diakai Street is the main street of Toyooka downtown area. About 1km long, it runs perpendicular to JR Toyooka Station. You will find various cafes, restaurants, boutiques, gift shops and more here. It is a great place to go shopping and try out local cuisine, even on rainy days the covered sidewalks make walking here nice. This is also where many of Toyooka’s main festivals and events are held.
Points of Interest
Some of the shops along part of Daikai Street. The sidewalks make shopping possible during any time of the year and any type of weather.
Found off on the narrow streets branching off from Daikai Street are little farmer markets, flower shops, and other fun little hidden gems.
1925 is the name of the old renovated bank along Daikai Street. Here you can stay a night in the hotel, enjoy a nice lunch or dinner, have a drink in the basement bar, or purchase a sweet treat.
Yanagi Festival
Every year on August 1st and 2nd the town holds its summer festival, Yanagi Matsuri (matsuri meaning festival). This is one of the three largest festivals in the region and has been a tradition since 1935 celebrating the area’s production of wicker baskets made from willow (yanagi), which was the start of Toyooka’s biggest industry.
On the evening of August 1st local companies, groups and schools dress up in festival garb and dance up and down Daikai Street. Then in the evening the next day festival booths are set up towards Kaban Street and fireworks can be viewed at night over the river.
Daikai Street, Toyooka.
Road running perpendicular to JR Toyooka Station on the east side of the station. You can take the local train on the San'in Line to JR Toyooka Station. Daikai Street is to the east of the station.
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