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The countryside is also well known for its beautiful seasonal flowers and autumn colors, especially at Ankokuji Temple

Located to the east of Toyooka, is the countryside of Tanto is famous for its tulips and is a village in the countryside with rich natural surroundings.
The most popular times to visit are in the spring for the tulip festival and also in the autumn to see the bright fiery red leaves of enkianthus bushes at Ankokuji Temple.
You can also experience country living at the “Nouka Minshuku” (farm guest-house).
Spring Tulip Festival
Spring Tulip Festival
Every year since 1992 the Tanto Flower Park has held a tulip festival. The main attraction is the mural created with 100,000 tulips. Each year 300 types of tulips are used to create colorful pieces of art. Visitors can walk through the rows of tulips and purchase the tulips or the bulbs so that they can decorate their homes with these beautiful flowers.
Autumn Tajima Ankokuji Temple
Autumn Tajima Ankokuji Temple
Ankokuji Temple in Tanto has become famous for the large dodan tsutsuji plant that turns a brilliant red in the fall. The famous Enkianthus was planted in 1904 when the temple was rebuilt. Over 100 years the single plant has grown to about 10m high and wide.
People from all over gather at the temple just before dusk to capture the breathtaking scene. As the sun falls the bushes appear to catch fire and light the temple’s room in a passionate red color. The opened temple doors frame the bushes creating a beautiful piece of art.
Staff at the temple do there best to give everyone a chance to pose in front of it and also keep the area clear for those wanting photos of just the plant and room.
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Farm Guest-house “Nouka Minshuku”
Farm Guest-house “Nouka Minshuku”
This is a great and fun way to enjoy the country life. Here everything slows down just a little bit more, giving you time to appreciate the fresh air and beauty of nature. Visit the old farm houses where you can also spend the night in some. Some also offer the chance to make your own soba, konnyaku, or the chance to harvest some traditional Japanese crops. Pictured above is a traditional Japanese hearth called an irori, used to cook and also heat the building.
Silk Onsen
Silk Onsen
The source of the spring water comes through ancient granite located 1,100m below ground and has a rich composition. Like the hot springs’ name, “Silk Onsen”, the water has a reputation for leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky soft. Soak in the hot spring surrounded by the richness of nature in the tranquility of the countryside.
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You can get to Tanto from JR Toyooka Station by the public bus “Zentan Bus”. It is about 1hour from Toyooka. You can catch the bus at the bus stop located in front of JR Toyooka Station.
Bus times from JR Toyooka Station: Buses run about once an hour every day from about 7am to 8pm.
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LOCATION: Tanto; 34km from Kinosaki Onsen. Accessible by bus.

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