(Nov 3) Izushi Castle Festival 2017

Every year on November 3rd, Izushi Castle Festival that symbolizes the castle town is held. The festival’s main highlight is the daimyo’s (Japanese feudal lord’s) procession. The daimyo’s procession is a parade through town which has about 120 participants, where about 30 of them are dressed in costume. Those 30 or so participants parade and do Yarifuri which literally means spear waving. The decorated spears are long and heavy, and require much skill and practice to carry. There is also a kids’ daimyo’s procession which takes places before the main event.

  【Zentan bus timetable】  *as of September2017
  Direct buses between Kinosaki Onsen and Izushi are available as below.
 - The 3rd of November-
   Kinosaki Onsen  ⇒  Izushi          Izushi  ⇒  Kinosaki Onsen  
      09:13              10:05           11:50          12:43
      10:13              11:05           12:50          13:43
      11:33              12:25           13:40          14:33
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