2017 Takeno Beach Season

Beat the heat this summer with a visit to Takeno Beach! The beach is officially open from July 1st to August 27th, 2017. The sands at Takeno Beach are white and the water is crystal clear, calm, and perfect for swimming! Here are some important points to remember when heading to the beach.
-The sand can get really hot so bring some sandals to walk in.
-Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a towel, a bathing suit, and a hat.
-Beach umbrellas, floating devices, goggles, and such are available for rental.
-If you get hungry, concession stands are available as well as nearby restaurants.
Also, if you are interested in water sports, go to the reception desk at Kitamaekan Center located just next to the beach, or make a reservation for Mother Earth's Sea Kayaking Adventure. For more information about Takeno Beach, including access, restaurants, and activities, please visit the Western Seaside Area page. 
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