(July 9) 39th Annual Kannabe Kazan Matsuri (Kannabe Volcano Festival)

This summer festival takes places in Kannabe Highlands on Sunday July 9, 2017. There are three main aspects to this festival. The first are the dance performances which go on all throughout the day at three different stages. The second are the many food vendors selling a variety of delicious eats and refreshing drinks all day long. The last is the grand finale fireworks display. To access the festival, take a 30-minute bus ride from Ebara Station to Kannabe-Onsen-Yutorogi-mae (神鍋温泉ゆとろぎ前) bus stop. Come on out and enjoy the summer festivities!

Time Schedule
10:00 Opening Ceremony at Main Stage
      (Shinto ritual/Greetings from the organizers/Dance                                          performances start/food stalls begin sales)
10:30 Dance Performances Start at Second and third Stages
16:30 Dance Performances End at Second and Third Stages
18:00 Dance Performances End at Main Stage
      (After the performances, raffle winners will be announced.)
19:00 Dance Performance Winners are Announced 
19:30 Final Performances from the Winners
20:00 Fireworks Display Begins
20:30 End of Festival
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