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Art Season 2016 is an art festival taking place in Toyooka City (Kinosaki Onsen is one of the towns in the city) There are many events, such as dances, plays, concerts and exhibitions at cultural facilities. Through these programs and the town`s various sightseeing and cultural spots, you will discover the charms of Toyooka.

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*** Calendar of art events ***

Sep.25-Dec.2016: "From villages to cities : The Great Mergers of the Showa era in Toyooka"
Sep.30-Nov.29,2016: "Let's Go to Kinosaki : Trip to Kinosaki Onsen tracking back its history of transportation."
Oct.8-30,2016: The Itoh Kiyonaga Award : The 20th Children's Paintings Competition 
Oct.22-23,2016: Silent Seeing Toyooka - Tour of inaudible sounds and invisible sceneries
Oct.29,2016: "ZERO ONE" choreography: Yasuko Yokoshi
Nov.2-6,2016: The 67th Toyooka Art Exhibition
Nov.3-29,2016: "Japanese Kimono Exhibitions" - Kabuki costume and dyed Kimonos
Nov.4-10,2016: The 9th Eirakukan Kabuki
Nov.5-6,2016: The 20th Anniversary of the Japan Mongolia Folk Museum's Community Event
Nov.6,2016: Tajima High School Art Festival
Nov.9,2016: Musical Note Festival - Premium Concert
Nov.10,2016: Musical Note Festival - Salon Concert
Nov.11-13,2016: Nakata Kosei Memorial 16th Toyooka National Kana Caligraphy Exhibition
Nov.13,2016: Musical Note Festival - Final Concert
Nov.19-20,2016: Tegami-za "sun-sun"

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