(Sep.24)Yushima Summer Festival in Kinosaki

Every year the Yushima Summer Festival is held in  Kinosaki Onsen.
During this colorful festival adults and children from all over Kinosaki dress in traditional clothes called Yukata (a traditional Japanese costume similar to a Kimono), Geta ( Japanese wooden sandals) and Amigasa (a braided hat) . They then parade through the whole town, while dancing, singing and playing typical Japanese instruments like Shamisen (a three stringed instrument), Shakuhachi (a end blown flute made from bamboo) or Kokyu (a string instrument played with a bow). The children carry lanterns and the women often dance.
This festival originates in the fact that in the past Geisha (traditional Japanese female entertainers) could not go to their hometown during the O-Bon (a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors) month, because they were too busy. To compensate for this Yushima O-Bon was created in Kinosaki Onsen and is held one month after O-Bon. It's a magical event with children singing historic songs, dance and music. It embodies many traditional Japanese forms of art, making it an experience of incomparable atmosphere. If you feel like you want to experience the "old" Japan you should not miss the Kinosaki Onsen Yushima Summer Festival. 
This year's festival will be held on September 24th.
Because of the special costumes and instruments used during the festival it can't take place on a rainy day. In case of rain it will be postponed to a different day.
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